Alcohol Policy and Information

alcohol possession and consumption is not allowed at the Sportsplex without Evergreen Sportsplex management and Virginia ABC approval

If you are interested in providing beer and wine at your event, an ABC license will need to be secured at least 30 days prior to the day of your occasion. Depending on your event, a Banquet or Banquet Special Event license will be required at the expense of the group, individual or nonprofit. The cost is $55 for a one day license, paid to ABC directly for wine and beer. Please contact Virginia ABC for further information.

Evergreen Sportsplex will not secure a permit on your behalf and we require a copy of the approved license seven business days prior to the event.

Your approved ABC license will need to be displayed the day of the event.

All events that are looking to provide beer and wine MUST get approval from Evergreen Sportsplex prior to applying for an ABC license.