photo from left to right: Grady Renfrow (EFC) Austin Behr (ESP) Ricky Reyes (ELC) Chris Bourassa (ESP) Carolyn Dobson (ESP) Tim Cropp (CroppMetcalfe) Chris Avery (ESP Ownership Group) "Evergreen Nick" (ESP) James Meara (EFC) Ian Bishop (EFC) Tony Canonico (ESP) AJ Sheta (EFC)


MANAGING DIRECTOR -Chris Bourassa        703-777-7800  ext 301             

DIRECTOR OF BRANDING - Tony Canonico        703-777-7800 ext 305

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING - Josh Swirchak        703-771-3839

FACILITIES MANAGER - Nick Russett        703-777-5406

EVENTS AND MARKETING MANAGER - Alex Pham    703-771-8600 ext 302

LACROSSE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - Ricky Reyes - 703-771-1689



Other Park Lines & Extensions:

Play To Win LLC Offices  703-771-3839

Evergreen Lacrosse Offices    703-771-1689